#BoycottTheBefore Week

Our Message:

This year, #BoycottTheBefore, a campaign challenging the “before” of eating disorder recovery comparison photos, will have an entire week dedicated to being transformation photo free. From March 5th to the 12th, we encourage you to #BoycottTheBefore.

This time of year especially, eating disorders get remarkable attention in the media, which means that we have an opportunity to educate the public about what eating disorders really are. Eating disorders are first and foremost mental illnesses. They have the potential to cause weight gain, weight loss, or can have no effect on one’s weight at all. All eating disorder diagnoses are valid; one does not have to “look sick” to be struggling.

Transformation photos tend to (sometimes inadvertently) perpetuate the myth that eating disorders have a particular look or size, which is untrue.

We encourage our fellow recovery warriors to join the #BoycottTheBefore campaign this year not because it’s a rule, but because this is a movement for us to stand in solidarity for eating disorder awareness. This is our time to come together and truly create meaningful change.

We understand the first year of #BoycottTheBefore was viewed as a rule that had to be followed. It’s easy to see this topic as all-or-nothing or end up on a “side”; we hope this year’s adjustments to the campaign will validate those who would like to continue to post transformation photos in the future, but also honor the invaluable work organizations and communities do by discouraging such photos for #BoycottTheBefore week.

There are 51 other weeks throughout the year where you can share transformation photos. Let’s make this week the time to refrain from posting transformation photos, and shift the focus from physical transformation to mental transformation and true education of what eating disorders truly are — deadly, devastating mental illnesses that will affect over 30 million people during their lifetime.


To learn how you can participate in #BoycottTheBefore Week, click here. 


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